Table Magician for hire

London Magician For HireWant to hire a table magician for your private party, corporate event or wedding? With over 20 years’ performing experience, Darren Delaney is an outstanding magician who will bring that special something to your event.

Darren will entertain and amaze your guests with the kind of table magic and mind-reading you’d usually only see on TV – but right in front of your eyes, with no camera tricks involved. Click the videos below to watch him in action.

Darren is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle in London, the leading performer’s organisation Equity, and the winner of the 2013 London Society of Magicians’ Bridger Lewis Award for stage magic.

Darren was a wonderful after-dinner entertainer. He has an engaging presence and managed to bring in all 11 of us at the table. His close-up magic drew gasps and laughs while his feats of memory and mind-reading were astonishing.
Prof. John Morton OBE

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